Carlo Parlanti

On July 4th, 2004 Carlo Parlanti was arrested by German police at the Düsseldorf airport: he was accused of beating, tying up and raping his ex roommate Rebecca Mckay White in the United States. On June 3rd, 2005 he was extradited and sent to Ventura, California. The evidence against him was almost non-existent, nevertheless he was tried and sentenced by the court to nine years in prison. This is the story of one of our many countrymen still imprisoned by the politician's and media silence, whom we remember only occasionally. Many books analyze the events step by step and try to shine a light on the still unresolved aspects of a complex judiciary story. A story that has involved for years those mass media and politicians that are aware of the human rights of prisoners abroad.

Judicial Case: Parlanti Will Be Set Free in One Year “But I Want Justice”


Francesca Maltagliati for Il Tirreno

Montecatini. "Don't ask me to forget what they have done to me"

The voice is that of Carlo Parlanti. He talks on the phone from the American prison of Avenal in which he has been incarcerated since 2005. It is the first time that he talks directly to the press and he does it in the fifteen minutes allotted to him. The conversation is only interrupted by an English voice reminding us of the remaining minutes. He will get out of prison in one year thanks to good behavior credits on his sentence, although his battle, fought alongside his companion Katia Anedda in order to expose the truth, doesn't stop.

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Crimes and Criminals (Real and/or Alleged)


Fabio Polese for Il Sito di Perugia

"Perverse Trials": Italy and the case of Carlo Parlanti

The book (and a comparison with the Kercher homicide) in the opinion of Fabio Polese

I learned about the case of Carlo Parlanti together with the one of Meredith Kercher, a student murdered in Perugia. There is no need to talk further about the Perugia crime because the media have already built up the case as if it were a very sad Truman show from which it's impossible to escape. But, what intrigued me instead, from the beginning, was the effect that the arrest of the American student had on public opinion, media, and made in the USA politicians. After the sentencing of Amanda Knox in a Perugia Court - she was found guilty of the Kercher homicide - Mike McGinn, the first citizen of the city of Seattle - twin city of Perugia - decided to suspend an initiative to dedicate a Seattle Park to Perugia.

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Carlo Parlanti is Italian, innocent and imprisoned in America for 7 years

Julie News

Germano Milite for Julie News

The Appeal of His Family: Help Us Free Him

About the incredible, unseemly and symbolic injustice that has turned upside-down the life of Carlo Parlanti, the Italian prisoner in America, for a crime that he didn’t commit and completely abandoned by the authorities of the “Beautiful Country”, much has been written and said on many occasions and in many journalistic headlines. Parlanti, a manager from Montecatini, has been imprisoned for seven years, by now, in the California prison of Avenal with an accusation which is as serious as it is awkwardly constructed: the rape against his ex roommate Rebecca McKay White. The pronouncement of the sentence revolved around the testimony of the woman (who had already, in the past, accused her ex-husband of violence and attempted homicide and who was deemed “incompetent” by the experts who evaluated her capability to testify) and around a series of medical reports overflowing with obvious contradictions and as many serious formal flaws.

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