Carlo Parlanti is Italian, innocent and imprisoned in America for 7 years


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The Appeal of His Family: Help Us Free Him

About the incredible, unseemly and symbolic injustice that has turned upside-down the life of Carlo Parlanti, the Italian prisoner in America, for a crime that he didn’t commit and completely abandoned by the authorities of the “Beautiful Country”, much has been written and said on many occasions and in many journalistic headlines. Parlanti, a manager from Montecatini, has been imprisoned for seven years, by now, in the California prison of Avenal with an accusation which is as serious as it is awkwardly constructed: the rape against his ex roommate Rebecca McKay White. The pronouncement of the sentence revolved around the testimony of the woman (who had already, in the past, accused her ex-husband of violence and attempted homicide and who was deemed “incompetent” by the experts who evaluated her capability to testify) and around a series of medical reports overflowing with obvious contradictions and as many serious formal flaws.

It is, in fact, through the analysis and the removal of legitimacy of these clinical documents that Parlanti’s family is trying to get a Grand Jury appointed to incriminate the doctors implicated and to demonstrate, indirectly, Carlo’s innocence. In fact, the doctors who examined the alleged raped-beaten victim, have on many occasions presented reports that turned out to be in contradiction with each other; they reported analyses of the suffered physical damages that were contradictory, to say the least. The specific example that we will analyze, on top of being a decisively “audacious” medical diagnosis, definitely “daring” when it assigns absolute certainty to the causes of the alleged contusions, contains a report of the trauma allegedly suffered by the woman with the relative compensation she should have received.

The document, by the way, is not signed by the doctor but instead by his secretary (Kanika Smith), who is an intimate friend of White herself, as she readily admitted during trial. Going back to the document-report prepared for the first time by Dr. Troy Manchester on July 22 nd, 2002 [see 000656 - 000663 Dr. Troy Manchester, July 22, 2002], we are very perplexed by the radical changes in the signs of the alleged violence found, particularly those on the back and ribs of the woman. In fact, after the initial introduction, there’s only a mention of “redness–swelling” to the cheeks and of “fear and anxiety” of the patient.

Then, immediately before the “Billing Report”, where the reimbursement is defined, Manchester talks of “contusions of back” and goes way beyond the preparation of a simple medical report; he prepared a real judgment that deserves to be a definitive sentence by defining his patient: “unfortunate victim of recurrent and severe domestic violence”. Not only: without even caring to contact the authorities who had already been alerted by the woman, the doctor said that he was “concerned regarding her safety” in relation to the alleged threats perpetrated by her ex-companion.

When you read the complete report, available online both in English [ – TN] and in Italian [ – TN], you cannot avoid noticing the fact that the document seems written by two completely different people who have given very different evaluations to the alleged signs detected on White’s body [see 000656 - 000663 Dr. Troy Manchester, July 22, 2002].

But there are even more remarkable details to render dubious the value of the diagnosis of the doctor and of the testimony of the woman. These pictures have been taken by the American police on July 18th, 2002 [see Pictures Taken by the Ventura, CA Police], and they demonstrate the complete absence of signs of violence on the hips, face and arms of the American. On the other end, the detectives themselves, the ones who took the pictures of White that summer 9 years ago, while giving testimony at trial, expressed to the judge their perplexity about the veracity of the story told by the alleged victim [see Testimonies: Detective Mark Fullerton, Detective Jody Keller, Detective John Reilly]. Only four days after the pictures were taken, the second portion of Manchester’s report, disavows sensationally the pictures that do not show any sign of violence. On her back, trauma and bruises “appear”; he even detects two broken ribs.

When considering that Carlo Parlanti, as recorded in the trial’s transcripts on July 16 th, flew to Mississippi to develop a project for the Dole company (he was one of its managers), it seems impossible to believe that the Italian manager would have beaten up his ex-companion between the two dates. Therefore, White’s testimony reveals huge inconsistencies and blatant contradictions, and the medical reports, which helped the American jurors find Parlanti guilty, can be defined as real medical crimes, without the possibility of being disproved. In addition, the doctors implicated in this incredible case of injustice have hidden themselves behind a mysterious but easily readable silence. In fact, how is it possible that a United States professional accused by the Italian press of falsifying and exaggerating medical reports of such importance, could not feel the need to swiftly and decisively clarify his position and his actions? These questions are left open, while the cell of a fellow countryman unjustly sentenced by a foreign court remains inexorably and intolerably locked. The appeals to Italian diplomats, ministers and politicians have been useless: they can and should act to request, simply, respect and transparency in a trial that appears full of gaps and twists even to inattentive people. Carlo Parlanti could be I, who am writing; could be any man who is a victim of an impressive series of judicial absurdities.

Carlo Parlanti is not simply an Italian, he is The Italian who is found guilty without a fair trial in another western country which is proud to “export” democracy around the world (in countries lacking in competent politicians but rich in natural resources).

A western country which, through its Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has tried in many ways to follow (and influence) the work of DAs, detectives and Judges of our peninsula during a trial which is a lot more clear in its findings: the one against Amanda Knox. Here is the reason why, because of the little weight and scandalous lack of interest of the authorities of the boot, it is of vital importance for the commoners to act as a real army of defense attorneys and divulging journalists to bring Parlanti’s case to the attention of those who have the power-duty to act as quickly as possible. A citizen of this country has seen his life stolen for 7 long years. Being able to come back home even just one day before the end of the sentence would be an important victory for him, for his loved ones, for justice and for Italy.

Reports of abuse: only 20% are true, according to D.A. Pugliese

To understand even better the poor credibility of the accusations against Parlanti, in addition to the precise and objective analysis of the evidence used during the trial, it could be very useful to reflect on the data presented by the D.A. Carmen Pugliese; she is a member of the team of the Bergamo DA’s office, specializing in fact in family and sexual crimes. According to the numbers collected by this expert D.A, the reports of alleged violence and sexual abuse made by women are increasing every year with shocking speed. Just in the province of Bergamo, states Pugliese, we went from 278 reported cases in 2006 to almost 400 in 2008.

An average that basically means more than one report per day. Considering the fact that Milano was recently found to be dead last when it comes to domestic violence cases, one would think that all of a sudden northern males have all transformed into violent “Domestic Abusers”. But the D.A. clarifies that “only two cases out of every 10 are real abuse”, since “the remaining are reports exaggerated and used as blackmail against a divorcing husband”.

In other words, women are increasingly trying to use a report of abuse as a retaliatory weapon to get more money out of their husbands. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the higher number of reports is found in rich areas of Milano, where husbands are wealthier and, therefore, automatically more “violent” than the other ex-companions with less generous paychecks.

Obviously, this does not absolutely mean that there are no women who have really been assaulted by companions, boyfriends and husbands, all of whom deserve exemplary punishment; it simply means that too often the so-called “weaker sex” knows how to abuse the strong prejudice which automatically considers the man an ogre and the woman a victim.

For a complete and detailed overview of the Parlanti case it is possible to visit the site Inside this portal you will find all the documents, the pictures and the chronology of the judiciary and human odyssey lived by the alleged executioner who, this time, turned out to be the real victim.

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