I Fatti Vostri [Your Business] (Rai 2) 16/5/2012 Giancarlo Magalli


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 for the history of today's close 
 I wanted to start by showing you pictures 
 are images of one of those places that put a little fear 
 I put a lot of short 
 are images that we usually see in movies 
 But those Americans in the movies with Sylvester Stallone 
 look at that place 
 This is a prison 
 a U.S. prison where he was held an Italian 
 our countryman with a slanderous accusation among others that of Sexual Violence 
 an offense for which he has always claimed innocence 
 which earned him a sentence of 8 years instead of prison. 
 who served their sentence in the United States in one of those prisons so fearful 
 where scary things happen 
 I said he has always maintained his innocence to the point that he refused a plea bargain 
 if he had bargained would be released after relatively short 
 after a few months but said "no I do not patteggio because I am innocent" 
 and was 8 years in prison 
 dramatic an experience from which he would definitely go 
 would be completely rehabilitated 
 I will do it to meet 
 He will tell us his story 
 Charles is Talking 
 Talking with Charles 
 Good morning Charles 
 The lawyer's Francesca Carnicelli 
 which is his legal 
 In short Carlo bad experience I would say no? 
 I said we're used to seeing the film in American prisons 
 and we see them as theaters of violence 
 short of people who practice bullying against weaker 
 is an exaggeration of the film or the reality is so cruel 
 The stark reality is absolutely not true and 
 is hard to even describe the level of violence 
 that meets in a U.S. prison 
 Normally I make comparisons with my albeit brief stint in prison in Germany 
 I was awaiting extradition. I spent 11 months in a prison in Dusseldorf and I saw two fights 
 america in two fights I've seen 
 in an hour 
 before the first dinner in fact. 
 So there's a very different reality 
 I repeat there the film also told why then 
 inter alia, the American prison reality is different from our 
 Their guards are a little less 
 and let the prisoners a little more to each other scornarsi 
 in short, more often than not involved 
 abide by these gangs who tend to have within the territorial prison 
 and this causes short course of things bad things 
 But one says "oh well that he killed his father - mother - sister - etc a bit if it is deserved" 
 in fact she did nothing of all this 
 either one of which the accused 
 had even accused of being a rapist 
 actually against a person with whom she was engaged 
 and that perhaps he was angry with her because she had left her short 
 we were not really engaged 
 there was a relationship, this woman lived in my apartment. 
 A relationship of convenience at that time because I travel a lot 
 because I was responsible for an international project for a multinational 
 in certain California 
 But travel a lot around the world 
 and this woman had lived for several months at my house 
 in her house that was free and so was often the 
 But then she had another relationship 
 What has angered the woman to the point of accusing her of something she had done. 
 Two things no one 
 I started a relationship with another person 
 a relationship more seriously and then I was trying to clarify a little bit 
 say the relationship with this partner because it was clearly not a comfortable situation 
 have a friend who lived in the house and start a relationship with another person. 
 Difficult to explain to a girlfriend in short 
 Hard to explain to both 
 and then they say there was a first clutch 
 the second clutch came when I had an opportunity to work for back in europe 
 and I left the USA permanently. 
 I came back to Europe to start my own business with some colleagues in Gibraltar 
 and she was just in Europe reached by the American justice 
 she told him she was in Germany in Dusseldorf 
 when they nearly caught and taken to a prison 
 two years have passed, two years without any news 
 apart from some extreme attempt of this person who lived in my house 
 to try to contact me through friends, acquaintances, former colleagues 
 for the rest nothing for two long years 
 I opened a company in Gibraltar 
 I traveled in Europe 
 and also in Canada 
 I finally accepted a position as manager of an Irish company 
 and when I was arrested I was just going from Dublin to Dusseldorf 
 for the commercial negotiations for the acquisition of another company 
 In short then it was quiet and did not think at all that in the meantime 
 all this was going 
 Carnicelli attorney here when they actually started this whole affair 
 because he arrested him after two years 
 But this woman has made the complaint or subio has waited two years to make 
 This woman, Mrs. White did the complaint July 18 2002 
 and has acted as she claims a few days since the facts of the crime 
 However, the rape and assault than anything else she has described as extremely fierce 
 But from the beginning there were initial problems because Mrs. 
 visited by the police of fortune 18 July 2002 precisely 
 stating that she had been raped a few days before she was photographed 
 had no sign of even a bruise, and then after a few days it has come back from the police always venture 
 saying "no, I was wrong in fact no rape occurred a few days ago but in the month of June to the end of June" 
 I think that clearly can not be very credible 
 not like to remember when one has bought a new TV if one should remember 
 especially compared to the ferocity of the attack which is described 
 then these bruises are not wrong if it mysteriously reappeared 
 it goes next month, so at that point in August to mid-August he went to a doctor in Oklahoma 
 and this doctor certifies that the lady's eyes are blacks 
 which is not apparent from the photographs taken by police of fortune precisely July 18 
 say that would be a bit like saying socket with pliers 
 perhaps they would not have even started 
 among other things, there were no witnesses to what was just stated that this lady 
 Then he had the objective reasons of resentment against carlo 
 But instead it was taken all for good 
 is indeed the lady was in the month and the following year he continued to earn certifications 
 in which it is stated for example 
 November 5 is a so many months after the fact 
 which still persisted bruises and signs of injuries 
 I confirm that July 18 pictures in the file does not exist 
 Then there was a trial in absentia what happened. 
 no no, the process was conducted in the presence of Mr. Parlanti 
 was issued an arrest warrant 
 so he was arrested before being sentenced 
 and it 'was arrested for being brought to trial 
 was then issued an international arrest warrant in practice. 
 Dusseldorf and Mr. Parlanti became aware 
 not only to be subjected to an investigation in the United States for these very serious facts 
 but also found to have been reported as potentially armed and dangerous subject 
 and then to be traced and prosecuted in the United States she was first detained, but said 11 months 
 11 months -11 months because it took about six months for the appeals process German 3 
 to try to avoid extradition. Obviously I was trying to get me extradited to Italy 
 and criminal proceedings in Italy have tried in every way 
 autodenunciarmi point in Italy for these facts 
 and after that we had to wait another 5 months because we have also appealed 
 and always has been in prison at this time or have given a bit of home 
 No, I have always been in prison I have always been rejected arrests domiciled in Germany 
 then 11 months in jail in Dusseldorf pending extradition called himself 
 which was then accepted, and then she was extradited to the United States 
 them brought to trial and that lady was obviously present and reiterated all the charges 
 Not just while I was going to be extradited 
 The lady came to know that the extradition would take place 
 has started to have symptoms 
 No bruises were not able to justify them after three years, however, 
 began to complain of symptoms of hangover 
 At this point she spoke of having had a skull fracture 
 loss of cerebrospinal fluid 
 Hulk does not damage this type of short 
 and that was to be visited for five 
 but she has been represented Carnicelli now there was the lawyer in the U.S. 
 but it will have had a lawyer there and has not been able 
 only those of OJ Simpson manage to carry out criminal 
 did not have a lawyer who was able to remove this castle 
 This castle was partly obscured 
 because for example all the medical evidence we're talking about right now 
 somehow have not been admitted in criminal proceedings 
 and I personally - my family - the Italian consulate we were not aware 
 we are in doubt about the real reason why the U.S. lawyer who had paid 
 we say we have not informed of the existence of all these false medical certificates etc. 
 I said before that she was offered the opportunity to bargain 
 it for 3 times 
 to have offered, they said "she confessed, and then they'll do" 
 with what he would get if he confessed? 
 Well all three times I have offered to bargain for the sole leader of rape 
 and offered a sentence of three years with 50% then a 18-month sentence to be served 
 The first time I was offered I had already spent 11 months in Germany and 4 months 
 so it would be released after 4 months in practice 
 is the second and third time I had already done more then 7 months 
 I had already more or less obvious throughout 
 I think it's a strong temptation not! also because in the meantime she was locked in a U.S. prison when he arrived in the U.S. 
 so it was already in contact with this reality, not exactly holiday village 
 and though he never considered the possibility of making up a crime he did not commit, but to get out of hell 
 no it was so absurd accusations so delirious that I never even dreamed of accepting 
 I must admit that I still had doubts 
 Well we think a certain, however, has always decided against it 
 She knew he was on the other side of the scale that he knew that the alternative could be 8 years in prison? 
 truth be told I had explained that the alternative would be worse than 5 years in prison, not 8 
 But I had an idea what I was risking even have come to ask the court 
 the last time I was made an offer of settlement 
 to speak with my mother and my girlfriend of the time 
 to ask them if I had their support 
 If I would have remained close if I made this choice 
 they have given me their support and I did 
 and she has taken this decision is certainly a decision consistent with his innocence 
 But that cost her a long detention in a foreign short 
 in a condition certainly not ideal 
 I imagine there were difficult times as they received 
 suspicion of rape as a stranger is welcomed in U.S. prison 
 for one thing I still lived in a really special place within the U.S. prison 
 they have made of the special areas 
 that are especially dedicated to crimes or sexual or 
 people who left those famous gang of which he spoke a few minutes ago 
 that must be protected from attacks by other gangs. 
 within these areas special risk decreases slightly 
 is still a big problem because you do not have an entourage 
 a parent group which rely on 
 In short his innocence in America has not been possible to demonstrate 
 for America she is a convict who has been detained and that he served his sentence 
 although it could be about three years at the cost of hunger strikes 
 do come out they falsified evidence 
 nevertheless I have in effect a loser 
 I served my sentence and I paid the right 
 not the right not, in short, the right for them 
 but she has paid a price that is likely then to go beyond eight years. in his career than in his life 
 will not weigh this judgment? if she wanted to return to work in the U.S. 
 She has no criminal record, which carries a sentence 
 to begin in the U.S. I do not think I can ever go back 
 because I was expelled for life 
 every time you commit a crime in the United States will be expelled 
 for small crimes the expulsion can be 5 or 10 years 
 but for major crimes were expelled for life 
 and then this may already be a prejudice 
 But because his work 
 is a huge injury theoretically I could not even go over to Australia 
 In no country in the Commonwealth because they do not accept people with criminal records, stained 
 and you can not do anything? lawyer can not be rehabilitated in some way? you can not ask 
 we have a goal which is to try to get a new trial in Italy 
 just to prove the innocence of Mr. Parlanti. 
 the actions we are taking this and the other is to 
 Report this to the United States all the people who made these false certificates 
 because they are objectively false 
 already what could be a good reason if it is admitted the process for fake documents 
 and there is evidence it could also reopen the case of Mr. Parlanti 
 we hope to be reopened regardless of the decision by U.S. authorities of our own denunciations 
 not fair, not fair what he went through which is a kind of hell 
 I remember 8 years and it is unfair to continue to pay the consequences that has a stain 
 he did not deserve to have his work and his life are affected all because a woman has invented something that did not happen 
 hope fine. I really hope it to him, at least have the satisfaction to erase all this from his life 
 Charles I hope, I hope that the lawyer Carnicelli do the impossible to get her out of this story 
 I'm sure did not deserve her, he could avoid it but declined. Thanks .... Best wishes and good luck ... thank you so much we were pleased to meet you 
 It 's eight years in a U.S. prison and' hard especially if you did nothing

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