Inchieste T7 [Investigations] (Italia 7) 7/3/2012 Cristina Becchi


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 Parlanti, 47 years old, now living in Montecatini and spent nine years of his life in prison 
 in a maximum security prison in California 
 accused of having raped and kidnapped the woman he was with 
 In fact, the allegations proved unfounded 
 The man was in fact innocent but has refused a plea bargain and has also served the sentence that had been given 
 Now, however, regained his freedom, he speaks of what has been a great injustice 
 course that has ruined his life and struggle from his home in Tuscany against what 
 feel, was an amazing story that tells us our Cristina Becchi. 
 There is a first Charles, a successful manager, travels around the world, a millionaire with a lifetime contract before 
 There is a second Charles, the while, of injustice, torture and suffering, the years stolen 
 and then there's the third of Charles the freedom and lives to be rebuilt 
 These three men are enclosed in the history of Carlo Parlanti, 47, 
 that after nine years in prison an innocent man 
 in past 6 Maximum Security Institute in Avenal California desert 
 is finally back in his home in Montecatini 
 And 'the story of a man victim of the economic logic of American justice done. 
 There is a fundamental fact that the structure differs from the Italian American police 
 The District Attorney is elected in America and has a budget and works like any other employer 
 In Italy a prosecutor has a duty to prosecute the crime 
 and is answerable to no one but a moral imperative to pursue the crime 
 In America, the prosecutor responds to Budget and responds to an election 
 because of this what happens? 
 happens that the strategy is normal U.S. police to arrest 
 and try to persuade the judge to withdraw the release on bail 
 if they can do such a thing, of course 
 the border in a prison and reduce his ability to set a defense 
 and ensure the economic ruin to exert greater pressure to try to convince him to plea bargain 
 The reason behind the financial 
 is that the money used to keep someone in prison are paid from an account that is completely different from Budget are not paid by the police. 
 A successful life, a beautiful girlfriend, all swept away in an instant 
 in any day while he was flying to Ireland 
 Charles looks at us, we studied and then shyly tells us 
 you have to see such acts of otherwise how do you believe 
 but a man who continues to shout his innocence even though he finished serving his sentence 
 a man who continues to suffer confusion for justice even if the worst is over, can only be innocent 
 On 4 July 2004 at the airport of Düsseldorf is arrested by German police 
 The charge is tremendous and he is completely unaware. 
 And 'accused of having tied, beaten and raped his ex-partner Rebecca McKay White in the Unit 
 I have been doing project management for strategic purchases Dole 
 the multinational of the fruit, and then, just for that year 
 I continued to travel with Costa Rica Sunce for bananas 
 with the Philippines for pineapple, a little everywhere in the world 
 As I was trying to help me live a comfortable leaving my house 
 more or less because I was watching the apartment and in fact 
 I had some relationship with her, at times when I was there, California 
 Everything in it 
 But let's step back 
 The United States emits an international arrest warrant 
 which strangely in Italy is not notified 
 Blocked at customs, in Dusseldorf, was arrested by German authorities 
 When I arrived in Dusseldorf control of Passports 
 my colleagues have continued to walk, 
 I was taken aside 
 and they told me that there was an international arrest warrant for me 
 and my nightmare began! 
 Without being able to call or to warn the Italian Consulate in the cell ends 
 In a first moment I thought of a disguindo, honestly 
 and anyway, I continued to think of something strange, because for about three days 
 I could not know what was happening 
 After two days 
 a social worker at the prison told me that someone of my Irish society would come to see me 
 and the next day, three days after the arrest, finally 
 I explained that I had an international arrest warrant etc etc 
 In the eleven months of dentenzione in Germany 
 relatives, have recourse to the European Court of Human Rights 
 to allow, at least, to be tried in Italy 
 Instead Carlo June 3rd 2005 
 is extradited to Ventura, California 
 and tried by the Superior Court in United States 
 A journey that has been an odyssey. 
 two days in Germany to prison transfers until arriving at the airport of Frankfurt 
 and then by Frankfourt, chained, with two marshall beside on a plane to Chicago 
 and then again with the same marshalls always chained to the airport from Chicago to Los Angeles 
 where they changed my chain because I think that the marshals wanted to keep their chains 
 They put me in the typical chaining for the transfer of detained American 
 It 'something like this: 
 Are handles to the ankles with a chain of about half a meter between them 
 so that they can not walk too easily 
 and then a chain around his waist with two manacles 
 so that it can not move his hands 
 and they transferred me to the prison in Ventura. 
 From here begins his nightmare, the fact of lawyers, non-existent or blatantly false evidence 
 Charles was seen increasingly slipping into hell 
 And police said the attack happened two weeks in advance, in practice 
 She went to the police on 18 July 2002 
 and said that I had attacked 6 July 2002 
 In addition, the police were a bit skeptical because the woman 
 had no bruises when she came by them 
 so much so that she even jumped back 
 changing the date to June 29 so as to increase the time interval to three weeks 
 However at that time the police have taken pictures of this woman and the fact remains that 
 She had bruises or not at the time of the attack 
 18 July 2002 had the bruises 
 within 10 days of the process the former partner contradicts himself several times 
 Talk about broken ribs, seventh and sixth rib, at the right breast 
 The woman went to police when she complained of being beaten and kicked in the side 
 So much so that the side shows, side shows no bruising in brackets 
 but is a side, is not the right breast, in addition 
 to show the police his side look good gesture that makes the woman in this photograph 
 She takes her shirt and lifts it over the top of the bra 
 Now you tell me whether a person with two broken ribs 
 is able to make a gesture like this 
 The PM describes Charles resorting to the worst American Stereotypes. 
 There is a fundamental step dell'arringa of Attorney 
 the District Attorney of Ventura 
 clarifying what kind of continuation has been used against me 
 In his closing argument, instead of appealing to the jury 
 accusing me of raping this woman and beating her 
 He has set his indictment in this manner 
 He said things like, 
 for Mr. Parlanti fancies himself a Don Giovanni 
 He likes to go out and meet women 
 he likes to talk, he likes to enchant them, that's what makes 
 I basically have just been painted like an Italian, drunkard who abuses women 
 Not that beating, does not that rapes 
 is this enough for the jury obviously inimicarmi 
 Some are patently false evidence presented by 
 These are the documents that were held by the police of Ventura 
 Why, a corrupt police, criminal proceedings should not stop when he realizes 
 that a woman has convinced the doctors to sign the documents clearly false 
 say things which are impossible because after the police themselves who took the pictures in this false and without any bruises on the victim 
 The police and neighbors had already stated that they had noticed signs of abuse on women 
 You and the sworn statements to the court by three detectives 
 who say they do not remember any bruise on her face 
 At July 18, 2002, when the woman came to the police 
 whatever happened there was more physical bruises. 
 A medical report drawn up two months later, the alleged violence 
 speaks of bruising around the eyes of the woman. 
 When we succeeded, now it was already in 2009 
 to obtain the medical records 
 we found a medical certificate of a certain Dr. Bivens released in August 
 then about a month after she was the police 
 and within this certificate, the doctor talks about the first story of the woman assault 
 but when considering that in explaining what he saw in the woman 
 says that she has bruises around the eyes 
 So basically she was a month after the police 
 in another state because we are no longer in California but we are in Oklahoma 
 home to the parents of this woman 
 for some reason decided to go to a doctor 
 and convinces him to sign a certificate saying that you have eye blacks. 
 Now of course the doctor or is an accomplice and signed this certificate in a completely fraudulent 
 or the woman was injured car 
 that one or the other is that a crime has been committed 
 Acts and photos that are enclosed in a publication 
 Timeline of medical crimes and rape? Chance Talking 
 If we go to see another doctor in the rest of the certificates Dr. Fore 
 in November if it comes up with such a certificate 
 This time instead of being a certificate is a typewritten examination report written by hand 
 and the note on the certificate says it has "very black eyes" 
 eyes very blacks resulting from having been beaten and this is a 4 months! 
 While in prison, U.S. authorities offered him a plea bargain that he refuses. 
 State are protected by U.S. attorneys fee 
 Public defenders do not, I have even cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars 
 I bled, I had all the money I spent on them by lawyers 
 what happened? 
 and 'success that my solicitor, 
 the first lawyer in particular, has desperately tried to associate with the attorney to negotiate and persuade 
 I had already spent 11 months in prison in Germany before extradition 
 and then 7 months in prison in Ventura County 
 without possibility of parole because they in fact tried to convince me to come to terms 
 For 3 times before porcesso I have made the following offer 
 Confesses to having raped this woman and give you 3 years to 50% "who happens to mean 18 months. 
 It would mean in practice you confessed of raping this woman 
 we put you on a plane and you refer in Italy 
 They were trying to cover up their mistakes 
 wanted to ensure that a judgment, a plea bargain 
 I would never have been able to bring out these issues more 
 convinced all the way to be able to prove his innocence 
 the process will help him but missed 
 because the justice in this case you forget him 
 The fact that the police had in hand of medical certificates to a neurologist 
 that do not even rialscia, is sending them to another colleague 
 saying that a person is completely healthy with the exception of a thyroid problem 
 and then issued a letter in which fraudulently conceals 
 Even get to hide the fact he had MRI exams 
 while trying to convince the judge that the woman was beaten to death 
 and will not ever again work in his life is absurd 
 The fact the police and the Attorney Ventura Ventura 
 had in hand this documentation and has not stopped the process 
 I repeat this is 23 November 2005 
 On December 5, a week after, my process has begun 
 Attorney of Ventura and the police 
 who has received this certificate for the week before my trial 
 at the end of November, and was taken immediately to arrest the woman 
 must immediately report all 'FBI this fraudulence 
 because above all think 
 the woman and these doctors have signed the fraudulent certificates 
 in another state and who were then sent to California 
 to proceed against me and get me 
 It 's one thing absolutely indescribable. 
 the jury is convinced of his guilt 
 and the judge sentenced him to nine years for rape and abuse 
 During the process, repeatedly, it was felt that it would be deflated 
 I'd be found innocent just because she committed perjury 
 was caught in the act and has continued so for two-week trial 
 and yet all of a sudden it is out of the jury and sentenced me 
 For him the doors of the prison of Avenal inmates, double the expected huge crammed into cells by 400 people. 
 The people inside the prison divides and unites with the group 
 In practice, the reality of American Gang 
 is exasperated even within prisons 
 A person who defends himself and survives only if it belongs to the gang of Bulldog 
 who are the guys who are from Fresno 
 or the gang of Nortegni or Suregni 
 who are Mexican immigrants who live in Northern California or Southern California 
 I was beginning are clearly disadvantaged 
 why is not that there were too many people around Italian 
 or gang of Italians absolutely 
 But of course I could get used to 
 and maintain a certain balance say 
 trying to avoid being involved in the politicization 
 He is located in one of the most terrible arms 
 However, ultimately one has to think rationally 
 any person with whom the speaker may be an innocent 
 an innocent person like you who has been simply stuck 
 The problem is that while I was standing 
 in a type of special Yard 
 are called Sensitive Need Yard 
 where there were only people convicted of sexual offenses 
 or for working, collaborators of justice 
 In practice I found myself not only in the worst prison in the United States, California Excuse 
 which has preggiori U.S. prisons 
 but I was really in the midst of the junk California prisons. 
 Survival is difficult but not stop screaming his innocence 
 and does so by implementing even hunger strikes two to be exact 
 but gets no result, his voice is lost in the silence 
 Beside him continue the fight his family and his girlfriend of the moment Katya Anedda 
 association Prisoners of Silence 
 Katia he remained convinced that alongside Carlo 
 was only one of the 178 Italian prisoners in the United States unfairly. 
 In California for example, which is a state of approximately 40 million people 
 so it's a 60% - 70% of Italian population 
 we are in state prisons around 175 thousand people 
 if you add the county jails to get to about 250 000 people incarcerated in California 
 Compared to Italy, we are around, I think, 42 thousand prisoners 
 This is to tell the difference of numbers 
 and unfortunately there are many more innocent people are caught in the meshes of Justice 
 It seems that the association statunitene lawyers speak of a 10% of innocent prisoners. 
 I tend to think that that percentage is even higher. 
 Life in Avenal was terrible, marked him deeply in soul and body. 
 I remember the times like the 2007 - 2008 where overcrowding was obscene 
 We slept in beds triple, triple bunk beds, nicknamed the coffins 
 why are you lying on top of you and have a span of the first read more 
 and in this condition when you have health problems will remain 
 I unfortunately have contracted hepatitis C 
 I'm not a person at risk but I was still attacked a couple of times 
 and possibly during one of these struggles have contracted hepatitis C. 
 In 2007 I contracted a disease typical of the valleys of California 
 called Valley Fever 
 and 'a fungus that is installed in the lungs which has caused considerable respiratory problems such 
 I'm still paying now with the problems of spinal compression 
 and top it off I managed to keep all of your teeth 
 but my teething at the moment is in a terrible condition. 
 Finished serving the 85% penalty on February 9th Charles was finally released 
 and transferred to correctional centers and immigration offices 
 waiting to carry out the practices of expulsion and then finally home. 
 Immediately after the indictment, perhaps precisely because of how outrageous the accusation was 
 I have more or less lost the great majority of my friends and people who knew me 
 Now I have many friends but they are all new people 
 all people who have discovered in my case 
 of my innocence and I have subsequently contacted 
 But Katia, Katia Anedda that was my girlfriend at the time 
 I was in an incredibly close and fought with me step by step for all these years 
 Now he still has those nine lost years 
 the difficulty to speak his language to Italian 
 and the bitterness of having to start over in his work because as he told us candidly 
 Of that work has not been absolutely nothing 
 I worked for that company was acquired by Horbits 
 I have lost 8 years in technical environments are so many 
 Presumably I will remain in the technical course 
 I have already received a few offers from some former colleague 
 I do not know I do not know what I will do 
 I know however my priority right now is another 
 I need sleep 
 And we want to say at parting 
 Charles will see that force you suceed 
 Can I come to understand from a logical point of view the insanity insane jealousy of a woman 
 This may not agree but I can get to conceptualise 
 but absolutely can not conceptualize a corrupt cop 
 you realize you have made a mistake and that instead of suffering a moment of embarrassment 
 that will cost you even lose your job because it's just a little bit of embarrassment 
 prefers to steal life, whole life of an innocent like me 
 for what? to say that it was wrong? to say he did a stupid thing? 
 This is absurd, do not understand this!

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