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 an issue that can sometimes seem far away 
 but if we enter into it is distressing 
 Imagine a little to stay in prison for innocent 
 not for a few days short, but for a very long period 
 for months, perhaps for years 
 Imagine falling asleep every night in jail 
 being around people who probably do not frequentereste never out 
 out having a life you have left 
 and having the spectrum of a long sentence 
 and only hope that sooner or later to notice that you are really innocent 
 has tremendous experience that can last very long 
 as in the case of Parlanti 
 Welcome to the studio 
 thanks for accepting our invitation 
 is the first interview is to allow us 
 after seven and a half years in prison in the country's prisons of the united states of america 
 California in particular 
 soon we will enter in your story because there are those who instead of seven and a half years in prison an innocent man has spent twenty-two 
 a nightmare for Giuseppe 
 you read the newspapers in recent days 
 after twenty two years finally it was discovered that he was innocent 
 now asking fifty million euros compensation 
 I think so, and I dare say that if all the merits 
 because short twenty-two years with a child out 
 but look at the first story tells the Mariagrazia Sanrocco there 
 [Please skip ahead to minute 17:40 in the history of Charles Talking] 
 Parlanti arrived a week ago I more or less from the united states of america? 
 on 15 
 February 15 
 think it came with handcuffs sull'areoplano 
 with handcuffs and chains on their feet 
 sull'areoplane only they have removed the chains 
 where you were in flight when they removed the chains? 
 was the best moment of the return trip 
 We had just left the coast of the united states 
 about an hour after leaving Washington 
 and the immigration officer took away the chains 
 I was finally free 
 and you feel free? 
 This is the question that I will soon 
 summarize the history of your first sentence to nine years in prison 
 summarize the history of your first sentence to nine years in prison 
 summarize the history of your first sentence to nine years in prison 
 summarize the history of your first sentence to nine years in prison 
 in a U.S. prison among other conditions in which we now say an innocent man 
 also joined the Foreign Ministry even though it appears when you officially guilty 
 But that calls for the reopening of the process 
 The foreign ministry also moved 
 allay all of this to no one that is also the story of Carlo Parlanti 
 which are summarized in this service Raffaella Grey 
 the American Dream for Parlanti 
 IT manager of Montecatini 
 degree in physics and brilliant career women 
 was broken in July 2004 when he entered into the mechanisms of justice of the California 
 on charges of having raped and kidnapped in Malibu home former partner Rebecca White 
 punishment without crime 
 over time has always shouted his innocence man 
 who has served in prison to Avenal seven years and seven months of the nine inflicted 
 and one in Germany where he was arrested eight years ago 
 a woman's revenge for leaving her in July 2002 seconds Parlanti 
 heard on the phone last October when he was still in jail 
 I never touched this woman 
 this woman was an acquaintance of mine that even I was helping 
 him against the word of hers 
 who already had denounced her husband and his employer for the same offenses 
 but was not considered credible for mental health problems 
 Talking while accusing obtained as happens even in cases of child abuse in america 
 favorable conditions and economic aid apartment 
 made of a hard battle reports evidence certified 
 White told of the alleged kicks and punches suffered 
 However, submitting a few photos a week later and with the walls of the house a different color 
 Talking nevertheless remained locked up in prison under the limits of livability 
 eight days ago for the physical hours quarantottenne who had tried their luck overseas in 1996 
 despite having a job already started and for which then moved blogs and associations 
 came the freedom and the return from her mother and brother in Tuscany 
 reset of the true dream is now to be here in Italy 
 Charles, how did you resist seven and a half 
 sconticino because some of you have done as I understand 
 sleep each night in jail an innocent man? 
 the thing that made me stand at the same time was also my worst nightmare 
 the determination to prove my innocence 
 I did resist because it gave me the ability to concentrate on something important 
 obviously with the help of my family and people who loved me 
 at the same time has become an obsession 
 became something I had in front of me every day every second of my life 
 these fake certificates fake these photos 
 propositoc'è to a small error in the service 
 the photo was not submitted one week after 
 The picture was presented three years after 
 the photo shows that these alleged beatings 
 is that picture of the police 
 three years later? 
 the photos you've seen 
 the photos you've seen 
 the process 
 was presented at trial in 2005, ie three years after the complaint 
 in addition the photo has been repudiated by the detectives during the proceedings of the case 
 in practice the police detectives have said we have not seen any photos 
 Ms. White testified during the trial that she had offered these photos to the police who have refused 
 she was asked to keep her 
 safe-keeping to protect 
 to protect 
 what you normally do with all the procedural evidence 
 Who was talking about earlier is Professor Vincenzo Maria Mastronardi, who wrote a book on this story 
 but in fact goes beyond the professional 
 why is she in this case is appossionato the human story of Carlo Parlanti 
 I involve the soon well on this 
 I wanted a little 'to continue this story 
 in these American prisons every day what you have to live? 
 The biggest problem I think that American prisons and violence 
 I have no direct experience of Italian prisons 
 I served 11 months in a German prison 
 in Germany 
 Dusseldorf can compare with that experience 
 always for the same case in order to be clear 
 for the same definite case 
 pending extradition 
 and I can assure you that there 
 there is no way to describe the violence of U.S. prisons 
 in eleven months in a German prison, maybe I've seen three episodes of violence 
 violence in the prison of Avenal was daily 
 three episodes of violence the night before the live newscast 
 the police in American prisons are walking around with military belts 
 sticks with metal snap two cans of pepper spray and a canister of explosive gas 
 as in war? 
 exactly as in war 
 Charles you have experienced violence? I can ask? 
 I was attacked three times unfortunately 
 To tell the truth but not in the prison of Avenal in county jail 
 and then in the distribution center where it is hosted for a few months waiting for someone to decide the danger and checks the final prison 
 were in contact with Italy? 
 moreover, because you were in the united states of america 
 so even your friends your family all the people who love you they wanted you could stay in touch with you? 
 you could have a bit of warmth in that situation so violent an innocent man in prison for so many years? 
 one of the few profitable of U.S. prisons is the fact that there is continuous access to telephones 
 within the wards 
 We were housed in a kind of big storage concrete 
 How many were in each cell comrade? 
 in our warehouse we were about 
 about 390 people at the worst time 
 390 people all together 
 400 people 
 all convicted of very serious crimes 
 in particular where I was it was a special yard 
 of a section of an arm defined needs for sensory 
 In practice, 80% of them were accused of sexual offenses 
 the other 20% a gang accused of betraying 
 Therefore in practice collaborators of justice 
 ambientino that eh 
 sexual offense you were charged and convicted for the same offense 
 Professor Mastronardi he could 
 Carl could negotiate? 
 did not want him to do because he has not wanted to have this spot to be a sin to admit that you did not 
 moved to the Foreign Ministry has served virtually no purpose whatever 
 been virtually ignored in the sense they are the actions of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
 because he has not bargained? 
 and especially now that what 
 because we said 
 What can you do now? 
 therefore, first of all 
 can still get justice in any way? 
 This has been the subject of several meetings at the foreign ministry in my role as consultant to Parlanti and single coordinator of the investigation itself 
 just because we say precisely complimenting the MFA 
 with the office of Italians abroad in the Ministry of Foreign 
 we realized that three could be on the streets 
 But the first and it was absolutely inpraticabile and would return 
 Charles did not want Parlanti absolutely no desire 
 because the return is necessary that we accept the sentence and sign a commitment to 
 that is, if he had also admitted they have done nothing 
 he would admit guilt would return to Italy 
 after the fact, however, after Baraldini But there is to comment on this 
 then after there was from that moment on, no return 
 then there's this other thing 
 second second second chance 
 I am responding to your questions because there are three roads 
 the second road could have been that habeas corpus 
 a peculiar kind of appeal only 
 because in America if I'm not mistaken there is only one degree of judgment 
 then there are no special cases? here is not like that there are three levels of courts 
 them there is only one 
 only one 
 habeas corpus, however, would require close examination for two years of all those acts conceivable 
 which also acts had already been previously excluded the possibility of close examination 
 and so it was a lost cause 
 third possibility is that now and we beat 
 is indeed with the fake certificates 
 because with my collaborators with the association that defends precisely Parlanti 
 we found we found compliant certificates 
 will be the same the same clinical doctor doctors who will tell us then after 
 will be the same the same clinical doctor doctors who will tell us then after 
 and very carefully whether those signatures were false and therefore do not recognize the certificate or not 
 we are very technical in anyway he wants justice 
 we are very technical in anyway he wants justice 
 Talking to Charles was taken off a big piece of their lives 
 Who knows how many dreams you had that you wanted to create disruptions are now seven and a half years 
 [Please skip ahead to minute 35:32 in the history of Charles Talking] 
 Charles and you? 
 not even want to hear Charles the first thing he did as a free 
 I am connected to a social network and I tried to thank all my supporters and people who really helped me out by 
 There is a support group and I have been slingshots 
 to say thanks 
 to say thank you 
 [Please skip ahead to minute 39:10 in the history of Charles Talking] 
 Talking became a laugh 
 course I did laughter 
 sometimes justify attitudes of criminals simply saying it's my job 
 I had to do 
 I'm a cop is a magistrate 
 and ethics where we want to? 
 you are a man even before 
 is certainly 
 the prosecutor who pursued me closed his speech by saying something like 
 Mr. Parlanti fancies himself a don giovanni 
 he likes to go out and meet women 
 he likes to enchant 
 this is Mr. Parlanti 
 a person who makes a plea of this kind knows that the game is playing 
 and is not respecting the ethics that should meet 
 is not an agent 
 [End of the part related to Parlanti]

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