Storie Vere [Real Stories] (Rai 1) 27/2/2012 Savino Zaba e Georgia Luzi


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 a court case of which we have discussed a few months ago 
 came to visit a mother a mother desperate 
 who asked that her son might return to Italy 
 because Charles was accused a few years ago 
 by his ex-girlfriend of American violence and rape 
 was arrested 
 has served his sentence and is here today to tell his story 
 Hello welcome Charles 
 good morning 
 We felt we were then only through a phone call via Skype I remember 
 I do not know if you remember our audience has attended all our bets 
 we had connected he was in jail in america 
 As you came from Charles? 
 February 15 
 then a few days right? 
 very few one week 
 In short we want to try to tell your story to understand also what has happened 
 where is here? Here we are in prison in the U.S.? 
 This is a typical American prison, the prison is not exactly where I was hosted 
 are structures called 270 for the type of visibility 
 As you can see the sheds are concrete 
 on three sides with the see here in the right side two floors of cells in this case 
 the so-called no arms? 
 the arms are 
 in such a shed in the prison cell where I lived there instead of open niches 
 with triple bunk beds and occupancy of about 370 380 people per house 
 you how long were you in prison? 
 I have been in prison seven years and a half in a year in Germany about a year in a county jail in Ventura County 
 6 months in a distribution center where it is evaluated for dangerousness, and then finally 5 years inside the prison of Avenal 
 finally quotes 
 but we want to try to retrace your story? 
 then everything happens exactly nine years ago when you decide to relocate in the U.S. 
 96 in a large American company that was trying to change the system of finance contacted me 
 I lived in Milan and I was just specializing in enterprise management systems 
 Contact me and asked me to help them to move in the U.S. and help them implement a new finance system 
 I moved in the United States worked with this company for about 6 years 5 years about 5 years and in 2002 decided to return to Europe 
 In practice I had the opportunity to break my career as a manager of other companies and to open up my own business 
 get in their own 
 start my own business along with three colleagues, moreover, who came from all over the world 
 we opened a hotel reservation companies on the internet 
 Charles at some point in all these moves I say call them short, then you're back in america europe 
 Your life changes that this change comes because you without you knowing anything about you is that you be delivered 
 any type of information communication at some point you come un'areoporto arrested 
 is in post I was flying from dublin to dusseldorf to buy a company 
 and during the customs control, I was asked to move away from the ranks of customs control and have been arrested 
 I discovered at that time 
 that were sought 
 that there was a red alert 
 even a red alert 
 even a red alert 
 characterized by a red flag to me armed and dangerous 
 because there was a complaint at your expense, your ex-American Rebecca White you denounced for crimes of domestic violence, rape and kidnapping 
 so exact in practice two years before my arrest my ex-partner I had reported to the police for these crimes 
 a girl who had just met when you lived in the U.S. 
 She says her short stories have you have you out of the house then when she was about to leave 
 you would have stopped short, then raped and beaten in broad terms why we say what she says? 
 you would have stopped short, then raped and beaten in broad terms why we say what she says? 
 is the addition of four liters of wine drunk to say give me strength and courage in the attack or something 
 after which it's pretty unbelievable short everything that happened after 
 in the sense that you come then accused of these crimes on the basis of evidence then 
 together with the lawyer who now try to understand what they were objective or not objective 
 to you at some point, however, Charles I tell you the thing I was left a little short, so you are made a proposal to negotiate 
 not one of three proposals to negotiate 
 in practice after my extradition to the United States have been held for seven months in the county jail 
 while the police began to really investigate and acquire the evidence 
 after the acquisition of evidence instead of going directly to the process have been approached 3 times in 3 different moments 
 In practice I have always offered to plead guilty to the rape not only boss for the kidnapping and violence 
 and I would be sentenced to 3 years with a 50% penalty 
 in practice as I had already served 11 months in prison in Germany first extradition 
 and 7 months in county jail were giving me a ticket to return to Italy 
 but you say no 
 I have asked the judge to make an exception to the rules please and let me talk to my mother 
 you have known in transmission and with my girlfriend of the time 
 I humbly asked these women if they would support me because otherwise I would not be able to survive or to fight 
 and what did they say? 
 and they told me they were always on my side and I said no to the court not accept the plea bargain 
 because you said being innocent I'll never go to say that I am guilty if I did not do anything to make me whole cost of the condemnation 
 no I'm not a rapist and I'm not going to confess to a crime like this even if I will ensure the immediate release 
 Well in short, is a courageous gesture Carlo because you had the chance to be out 
 there is a there is a very important thing that we need to understand the American criminal justice system 
 here there are two important elements 
 Meanwhile, in testimony in the deposition Rebecca has often contradicted several times but was never considered this contradiction 
 directly committed perjury more than a dozen times and was caught in the act but was never taken into account 
 and there's another thing that strikes me she was considered a victim of crime 
 and in the U.S. victims of crime have a series of benefits 
 Surely this is a good thing normally 
 exists especially in california an organism that is responsible for helping victims of crime 
 actually there are two types there is an emergency for which the victim of a crime can get help for small practical problems 
 because when you are the victim of a crime you may have lost their jobs have lost their homes may need cash 
 and then there is a longer-term support which can lead to a retirement 
 I see that thing I said before because in fact already in our country makes it difficult to take responsibility 
 too short for things like these do not 
 it always gives the blame to someone else and so short that you have made a choice like this 
 when you could be sent home because you could go home certainly is a strong choice 
 you will know that in the meantime here in Italy has created a movement imagine that you have been informed of this 
 I honestly am 
 for your deliverance 
 I honestly am telling everyone that I understand that is a strong choice, however I will not pass for a hero 
 no no certain 
 I think there's a moment when each of us must say to yourself I have principles and I'm not this covenant 
 At that moment I've reached that point 
 Perhaps you think that I was afraid of the future 
 I was afraid of a future in which I lived with the shame that I said a rapist 
 I preferred not to 
 Katia hello you're his ex-girlfriend? 
 hello I'm his ex-girlfriend 
 what you have received the news of Carlo's still ok, it looked back in some way for you? 
 So the moment I learned of the arrest sincerely 
 plus I've heard from a colleague who spoke English completely 
 I then knew almost no English was so scared I did not understand 
 what was your reaction? 
 My reaction was to say at once that person please send me an email let me understand what is happening 
 I knew the evening my reaction was I was on holiday in Salento plus 
 My reaction was not sleeping through the night trying to figure out what was happening and was not 
 were incredulous knew very well that Charles would not or could do such a thing? 
 well I've known him for twenty years Charles 
 before his experience in the U.S. by 96 we lived together 3 years 
 when he returned 
 in the American period, however, we were great friends and still have someone declared his girlfriend is always at the bottom so 
 and then after his return to Europe we started to live together until his arrest 
 Carlo then I know very well where it can get what and where it can not reach 
 but apart from that which is not the initial dismay, Charles, violence, rape someone, but there 
 The first thing I did, because once the day after I went to germany, I read the indictment 
 I've got written on the act of accusation I play on the act an act of accusation 
 because it really does not stand 
 because no matter who is full of contradictions is a so much alleged violence to which he could not be alive first of all 
 and the woman who has suffered this violence would have even less could be alive 
 lawyer, I'm sorry I do not know what to call it a mistake judiciary? 
 lawyer, I'm sorry I do not know what to call it a mistake judiciary? 
 psychiatrist is not a lawyer and then 
 I'm sorry sorry sorry 
 psychiatrist and criminologist 
 Dr. Mastronardi sorry judiciary is an error? 
 then there has been an imprudence imprudent in a very clear indeed that appears as an injury that has affected everyone and everything 
 I'll explain 
 it is 
 the process is the usual Italian conqueror 
 We Italians we are put in graves so at this point all that was done was concocted was harmonized by Rebecca White I have spoken in this book 
 me to this book please? 
 that tells me that this is a judgment on the stereotype? 
 it is a judgment that has influenced 
 it is a judgment that has influenced 
 Italians are Don Giovanni men who have a relationship with women ... 
 Don Giovanni men who have a relationship with women extremely violent 
 able to have a relationship that is extremely violent process by 
 so at this point everything has been built to usum by Rebecca White, who deftly 
 I did not say so because of problems with the foreign ministry there many times we are put at a table with the office of Italians abroad 
 and we explained that we were really built from scratch with prejudice allegations extremely critical not only 
 Charles Charles is true is true that Rebecca has also written the email you when you left it when you ask her to leave to leave your house where you threatened is on record? 
 wrote and threatened around the world 
 wrote and threatened me with my colleagues 
 I'll kill the Mafia? 
 you things like that are armed 
 wrote to you and your friends? 
 She certainly has threatened my relationship 
 wrote to me that the fact that he would put in place because it had friends in the mafia and they are all 
 wrote to me that the fact that he would put in place because it had friends in the mafia and they are all 
 better clarify 
 and are all emails that are been taken to process 
 I would like to clarify a few things before you spoke to Rebecca White girl have called attention 
 no yes I saw the picture 
 Rebecca White was a person that was at least six years older than Charles 
 Well in an adult woman 
 was a woman who had already had a failed marriage behind him with accusations of violence against her husband's 
 her to her husband? 
 She is 
 She is 
 was no previous track record that was identical similar things in his serial 
 excuse me hours since missing a few seconds what you are going to do okay Carlo while you make up for a life in some way you think about your future 
 three actions 
 but first I wanted to know that you intend to take legal action 
 a lawyer with the UN against the Pharaohs which is already ready to go just right for the Defence of Human Rights 
 because we found that the extradition was impossible to go to realize very clearly lacked the elements of Article 5 of the Human Rights 
 Second trial for slander simultaneously activate a process, not only in Italy but also in the USA 
 where as patently false certificates that were made were done in 3 states oregon then ohio and california 
 The grand jury is then activated to initiate an action of this kind 
 these are the actions we have to depart in petto 
 this is oklahoma virginia and california 
 Virginia and California are 
 Virginia and California are 
 Charles I feel close to you now? 
 and now I do not know they are still very concentrated in exploiting this moment to say that against me are false certificates were used 
 is the most important thing 
 Not only were used to issue the international arrest warrant but were hidden because patently false 
 the first thing I need is that people read books and see for yourself these false certifications 
 this here is a note written books also note from Dr. Mastronardi The Case Speakers 
 there also exists a second called Timeline of Crimes Doctors, the book is a great description 
 so before Justice Charles then think also make up for a life hopefully with the affection of your friends and others around you 
 we hope 
 because we have to close the bet because we are already beyond the time 
 thank you thank you all tomorrow 
 come back tomorrow at ten o'clock we no longer have time unfortunately
thank you excuse us

Sottotitoli in Italiano Storie Vere (Rai 1) 27/2/2012 Savino Zaba e Georgia Luzi

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