Tg2 (Rai 2) 26/4/2012 Afternoon Sandra Cecchi


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 Locked up for 8 years in a U.S. prison super charged with violence and rape 
 This is the odyssey of an Italian man who has always, however, Montecatini his innocence 
 the correspondent Sandra Cecchi 
 This was the most traumatic experience of my whole life 
 I have completely removed all took away my family, loved ones, my work has even taken his health. 
 even now it is at home in his tornto Montecatini can not forget his nightmare 
 for seven and a half years has been held in maximum security prison of Avenal in the California desert 
 on charges of raping his ex-roommate accuses always rejected 
 is absolutely nothing happened she has invented all of the facts 
 and it is also demonstrated by a series of fake medical certificates 
 that she has obtained to try to make it appear that I had assaulted her. 
 These certificates are blown out, unfortunately, only after the sentence had already been my res judicata. 
 delays that have to live the harsh reality of American prisons 
 the U.S. prisons are horrible 
 The two biggest problems that exist are overcrowding and violence 
 brawls with serious consequences on the agenda 
 the police officers inside the prison are walking around with what to us seems an estate riot 
 I am ashamed to confess that even after a little 
 the mechanisms of human survival 
 take over and turn around the eyes.

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