TGT (Italia 7) 22/2/2012 Cristina Becchi


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 There is a first Charles, a successful manager, travels around the world millionaires contracts with all of life before 
 There is a second Charles, the while, of injustice, torture and suffering, the years stolen 
 and then there's the third of Charles the freedom and lives to be rebuilt 
 These three men are enclosed in the history of Carlo Parlanti, 47 years 
 that after nine years in prison an innocent man, whose past 6 Maximum Security Institute in Avenal California desert 
 is finally back in his home in Montecatini 
 On July 4, 2004 in Dusseldorf airport was arrested by German police 
 The accusation was slanderous 
 accused of having beaten, tied up and raped his ex-partner 
 She had been fired from their jobs and I was trying to help 
 has been useful and let her live in my house more or less because I was watching the apartment 
 and in fact I had some relationship with her 
 at times when I was there Calif. 
 Everything in it 
 his case became internationalized domain not only because Italian citizen 
 not only for the large number of states involved in the proceedings 
 but mainly because the trial transcript shows 
 the complete absence of credible evidence that could incriminate the Talking 
 with a very serious violation of basic rights such as due process 
 In fact, you may notice the lack of a medical certificate 
 attesting to the violence suffered by the alleged victim. 
 the cops were a little skeptical because 
 the woman had no bruises when she came by them 
 the sworn statements to the court by three detectives 
 who say they do not remember any bruise on her face. 
 the total mismatch from the same story with the evidence collected at crime scenes 
 The unreliability of the testimony of the woman already sanctioned by the court of another U.S. state in another process 
 falsification of certified evidence against Parlanti 
 The woman a month after being police 
 in another state for some reason decided to go to a doctor 
 and convinces him to sign a certificate saying that she has eyes blacks 
 Now of course the doctor or is an accomplice and signed this certificate in a completely fraudulent 
 or the woman has autolesionata. 
 all ingredients of an absurd process 
 The normal strategy is to arrest the American police 
 and try to persuade the judge to withdraw the release on bail 
 if they can do something like that obviously 
 the border in a prison and reduce his ability to set a defense 
 and ensure the economic ruin to exert greater pressure 
 to try to convince him to plea bargain 
 life in prison has left indelible marks to Charles 
 I remember the times I like the 2007 - 2008 where overcrowding was obscene 
 We slept in beds triple, triple bunk beds nicknamed the coffins 
 why are you lying on top of you and have a span of the first read more 
 and in this condition when you have health problems will remain 
 I unfortunately have contracted hepatitis C 
 I'm not a person at risk but I was still attacked a couple of times and 
 probably during one of these struggles have contracted hepatitis C 
 In 2007 I contracted a disease typical of the valleys of California called Valley Fever 
 and 'a fungus that is installed in the lungs 
 The question that comes from him is how you can manage to understand that woman 
 I probably am a bit more angry 
 with the judiciary and the police than with this woman 
 stealing the life, whole life of an innocent like me 
 for what? to say that it was wrong? 
 to say he did a stupid thing? 
 This is absurd, do not understand this!

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