An Official Committee in Defense of Parlanti



Francesca Maltagliati for Il Tirreno

It is called "Article 481" and its goal is to demonstrate the falsehood of the evidence against him

Montecatini. The "Articole 481 – Falsehood in Certification" committee is officially born, asking for truth and justice for Carlo Parlanti. So far, directly and through the online petition, about 40 supporters have joined. The purpose of the committee is that of keeping alive the interest about Carlo's story, to sensitize people and shed light on a series of medical documents utilized as evidence at the trial, that have contributed to the issuance of a guilty sentence of 9 years of imprisonment that Parlanti is still serving in the California prison of Avenal. According to some journalists that have studied and reported these documents, and according to the opinion of Italian forensic pathologists, they lack important formal and substantial requirements. The name of the committee itself is inspired by the penal code article that states that whomever, while esercizing a medical or forensic profession or another service necessary to the public, falsely certifies in a report facts that were destined to be proven true by such document, be punished with incarceration of up to a year or by a fine [three years for the California Penal Code – TN].

Carlo Parlanti's story is by now well known. An information technology manager, resident of Montecatini, started a brilliant career in a multinational corporation. His work led him to travel and to transfer to the United States. Then, in 2002, came the events that changed his life. On July 18th, his former roommate, Rebecca McKay White, reported him for rape and violence. The manhunt started and in 2004 Carlo was arrested in Germany following an international arrest warrant with the accusations of domestic violence, sexual violence and kidnapping. Once taken back to America, he underwent a trial and was found guilty. A sentence that Carlo has by now almost finished serving: next year he will get out of prison, but that doesn't mean he wants to surrender. Likewise, his family members and the committee supporters do not want to surrender; they continue to believe in Carlo's innocence, which he has always maintained to the point of refusing a plea bargain that would have avoided prison for him. To sustain his innocence are above all the facts, beginning with the medical reports that White has presented at trial. These documents would result as being not valid for legal purposes. In addition to all this, there is a series of inconsistencies in what the alleged victim declared. The committee's next step will be that of filing criminal charges in order to shed light, especially on the above mentioned medical reports, so as to understand whether or not they really are fraudulent and nonviable documents and, above all, whom produced them and why. To join the committee:

Francesca Maltagliati

Timeline dei Crimini Medici

Excerpt from the book Medical Crimes' Timeline
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Articolo in Italiano Comitato Ufficiale a Difesa di Parlanti

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