Judicial Case: Parlanti Will Be Set Free in One Year “But I Want Justice”



Francesca Maltagliati for Il Tirreno

Montecatini. "Don't ask me to forget what they have done to me"

The voice is that of Carlo Parlanti. He talks on the phone from the American prison of Avenal in which he has been incarcerated since 2005. It is the first time that he talks directly to the press and he does it in the fifteen minutes allotted to him. The conversation is only interrupted by an English voice reminding us of the remaining minutes. He will get out of prison in one year thanks to good behavior credits on his sentence, although his battle, fought alongside his companion Katia Anedda in order to expose the truth, doesn't stop.

The matter dates back to July 4th of 2004, when Carlo Parlanti, now 46 years old, an information technology manger from Montecatini, whom had lived extensively in the United States, was arrested by the German police at the Dusseldorf airport for, allegedly, beating up, tying up and raping his former roommate, Rebecca McKay White, in the U.S. He was extradited on June 3rd, 2005, and sent to Ventura, California. Here Carlo was tried and sentenced to 9 years of inprisonment in the prison of Avenal. Carlo and his relatives immediately opposed the verdict. They maintain Carlo's innocence and describe the trial as a farce, one with false evidence and testimonies. The press has been interested in this case for years, especially some journalists who, while investigating, have gathered a series of obviously contradictory documents and medical reports related to Rebecca McKay. This is what Carlo spoke about with "Il Tirreno" on Tuesday afternoon by phone at the family house in via Baragiola. He can call every day, but this is the only privilege in a prison where even surviving is all but easy. In fact, after being incarcerated, Carlo contracted hepatitis C because of the "horrible medical and hygiene conditions". As a matter of fact, the first question is regarding the actual state of his health. "I am as usual – he answers – and unfortunately they just refused some medical treatment because, according to them, the liver is not damaged enough. I want this to be clear: before coming here I was healthy as a horse. I got sick here". The countdown has by now started for the release from prison. "The expected date for the release is March of 2012." When asked about how he spends his days, Parlanti says that "life here is rather boring. We are not allowed any activity and, given the limited budget, we are allowed outside in the open air only every other day." He then criticizes the Italian authorities in the US and in relation to the support given by the Italian consulate he says: "They followed me only in name. Practically, they have done absolutely nothing. The last time they came to see me was in December of 2009." Carlo Parlanti will be a free man in one year, but the battle to prove his innocence has just begun as if it were its first day. The [IT] manager explains it like this: "They robbed me of my life. The only hope I have left is that of having some justice at last."

The relatives' battle

"False exams regarding White". Doctors reported [to the Police - TN]

Montecatini. Carlo's relatives have presented charges, at the police headquarters, against four American doctors who examined the alleged victim. Doctor Jeff Bivens wrote in an August 16th, 2002, report that Rebecca White displayed bruises around the eyes, while the pictures of her taken by the police on the day of the report, July 18th, 2002, (twenty days after the alleged violence) do not show any hematomas. "How can hematomas pop up almost two months after an attack?" Carlo keeps asking. This seems to be one of the most blatant cases of forgery, but there are others. For this reason the relatives want to create a committee to support the charges filed. The intention is to attract public opinion because if people take an interest in Carlo's plight there are more chances that the authorities and institutions will do the same.

Info: www.carloparlanti.com [www.carloparlanti.it in Italian - TN]

Francesca Maltagliati

Timeline dei Crimini Medici

Excerpt from the book Medical Crimes' Timeline
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