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Fabio Polese for Il Sito di Perugia

"Perverse Trials": Italy and the case of Carlo Parlanti

The book (and a comparison with the Kercher homicide) in the opinion of Fabio Polese

I learned about the case of Carlo Parlanti together with the one of Meredith Kercher, a student murdered in Perugia. There is no need to talk further about the Perugia crime because the media have already built up the case as if it were a very sad Truman show from which it's impossible to escape. But, what intrigued me instead, from the beginning, was the effect that the arrest of the American student had on public opinion, media, and made in the USA politicians. After the sentencing of Amanda Knox in a Perugia Court - she was found guilty of the Kercher homicide - Mike McGinn, the first citizen of the city of Seattle - twin city of Perugia - decided to suspend an initiative to dedicate a Seattle Park to Perugia.

As if to signify that Ms. Knox was the chosen victim of the Italian Magistrate. The decision of the Mayor of the American city annoyed also the first citizen of Perugia, who wrote him a letter stating: "The Amanda Knox story is exclusively a judiciary one and the administration of justice in Italy is the responsability of the country, not of individual cities: the relationship between the communities of Perugia and Seattle should not interfere, it should be completely separate". Even before this, in the aftermath of the sentencing, comments and articles sparked on American blogs and newspapers, casting doubts on Italy, when it comes to justice. "Amanda is America" titled an article from Newser, in which one could read: "Until recently, Amanda Knox, who was sentenced the other day in Italy for murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, was known as Foxy Knoxy. Now she is Amanda the Martyr, a Joan of Arc of the international tabloids, an extremely compelling personality at the center of a monstrous abortion of justice. (...) It is not a matter of who murdered Meredith Kercher. Because of the investigative errors, poor handling of the evidence and every sort of prejudice, there will probably never be a reasonable certainty of guilt - or innocence. Therefore, the story is based, in part, on errors and prejudice. According to the USA senator Maria Cantwell, the Perugia trial has reached a guilty verdict for the girl in spite of a blatant "lack of evidence" and has revealed "a series of defects in the Italian justice system". In short, it looks like Italy is populated by an unbridled anti-American sentiment. Or, even more simply, that in the United States there is a greater propensity to defend fellow countrymen at any cost. On the other hand, the country of Italy and local media often do not have enough time to talk about Carlo Parlanti, inprisoned in the California Prison of Avenal, in Kings County, since July 5th, 2004. Carlo Parlanti is an alleged executioner, accused of rape against a United States citizen, and is still imprisoned despite the fact that the accuser/witness has been deemed psychiatrically unstable by professionals. "Rape? Perverse trials. The Parlanti Case" is the title of an accusatory book developed in six months of study by three esteemed criminologists of the Roman academic environment - Vincenzo Maria Mastronardi, Walter Mastroeni and Ascanio Trojani - ; this book denies all the accusations and gets to the point of asserting the woman's criminal culpability. The book is an authoritative work which shines a light on the perverse mechanisms of this judicial case, analyzing the integrity of the trial proceedings; it accuses the Police and the District Attorney's office of utilizing falsified evidence and of concealing elements of innocence. It blames numerous doctors - not only from California - for producing false medical reports that were contradictory to the pictures taken by the police and other medical reports. "How is it possible that still nobody speaks up?" These were the words of Katia Anedda, president of the site and of the Italian non profit organization Prisoners of Silence [ - TN], when I met her in Perugia last December, to learn and understand more about the case. During that meeting I even had the opportunity to briefly talk over the phone with Carlo Parlanti; with a calm and tranquil voice he explained to me his situation - between "pleasant" recordings of the American prison reminding me that I was talking to a dangerous criminal - and invited me to read the book that had just been released. An invitation that I, in turn, extend also to you because sometimes the alleged executioner can be the real victim.

Fabio Polese

Timeline dei Crimini Medici

Excerpt from the book Medical Crimes' Timeline
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Articolo in Italiano "Processi Perversi”

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