New Documents to Prove the Innocence of Carlo Parlanti



Francesca Maltagliati for Il Tirreno

The relatives intend to ask for a revision of the trial

Montecatini Terme. The relatives of Carlo Parlanti ask for the truth. Although seven years have already passed from the entrance of the manager from Montecatini in the California prison of Avenal, his family does not surrender and states that documents came in its possession that would invalidate the trial that led to the sentencing of Carlo to 9 years for rape. The story dates back to July 4th, 2004, when Carlo was arrested at the Duesseldorf airport and accused of beating up, tying up and raping his ex roommate Rebecca McKay White in the United States. On June 3rd, 2005 he was extradited and sent to Ventura, in California. Then the controversial trial that led to his conviction. Since then, seven years have gone by but Carlo and his family have never lost hope nor the will to fight.

They want the trial to be reopened and Carlo to be found innocent, as he has always maintained to be, to the point of refusing a plea bargain. Today, thanks to the interest of some journalists that have been following the story, it seems that documents have come to light showing obvious contradictions. "There are false documents – says Michele, Carlo's brother – that have been forged to obtain the extradition from Germany. They wanted to arrest him at any cost. They wanted a sacrificial lamb and they found one, however there are reports in which the doctors have contradicted themselves more than once".

Just as an example, there is a 2005 letter from neurologist Neil L. Pugach of Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia, in which Rebecca McKay White is declared permanently disabled due to brain damage caused by a beating. But a few months prior, the neurologist himself performed an accurate examination on the patient, even with magnetic resonance imaging [MRI – TN], which culminated in "nothing remarkable". But the contradictions are many more and can all be found in the documents officially recorded [by the Ventura DA's office - TN]. "With evidence like this – Michele continues – nobody should have found my brother guilty".

The next step will be to contact competent authorities in order to reopen the case, but the family is still evaluating who would be better to contact. Michele has also asked for the help of Mayor Giuseppe Bellandi, who has not denied support. "If a citizen – Bellandi said – contacts our office looking for help, we will try to give a helping hand".

Francesca Maltagliati

Timeline dei Crimini Medici

Excerpt from the book Medical Crimes' Timeline
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Articolo in Italiano Nuovi Documenti per Provare l'Innocenza di Carlo Parlanti

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