Happy 79th Birthday Pino


Dearest Pino!

We met in 1998, aboard the train from Rome to Padova, and from that day we exchanged mail, we got in touch sometime by phone and we've seen each other only once. Now, since I'm in Italy in vacation, we tought we could have met to tell each other stories and enjoy the beauty of freedom, a walk in the open air, the coolness of the wind in your air and the touch of fresh streams' water.

Everything is at a stand still, silenced... because they "caught" you once again. They took you where only prayers, telepathy and writing counting characters (500!) and time to "talk" can enter.

Sunday the 15th of July will be your birthday! It looks like earing your voice in that occasion will remain a desire because of the distance and the lack of freedom; and so, what can we do? 

Here I am, Pino sending you my wishes of a HAPPY BIRTHDAY using the freedom of press, so near to your heart and payed so much. Happy 79th birthday my dearest! 

Keep looking at people around you with good eyes and forgiveness. Leave anger alone, so human and current, but so dangerous for those who nurture it.

Many people love you, pray for you, work, try to find inspiration to help you regain the gift of freedom and justice; they all cheer you.

Don't give up! I'm already thanking Who gives us life, every day, to dare hoping that we'll receive the gift to walk in your beloved mountains sharing your experience in the comfort of freedom and justice!

Feel loved looking ahed with the certanty of a believer.


Maybe you'll never read these words, maybe you'll only receive the vibes of my mind... where you are, in Alabama, sharing a small cell with 2 or 3 other companion of misfortune!

 Articolo in Italiano Buon 79esimo Compleanno Pino